About US

Who we are

We started life as the Vessel Technology Assessment Project – an Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) initiative to help the maritime industry understand the benefits of investing in fuel efficient technologies.

The industry told us that the lack of independent verification of the performance claims of Energy Saving Technologies (ESTs) and their novelty are the main barriers to investment.

Vessel Technology Advice and Support – a collaboration between BMT and Binnies – will help overcome these barriers.

Our services

EST Feasibility

Using your data to assess EST feasibility

EST Performance Comparison

Helping you choose the EST that’s right for you  

EST Benchmarking

Collecting real-time data to understand current fuel consumption

Design and Installation Support

Our one stop shop for delivering your EST solution

EST Operation Optimisation

Providing advice, training and support to make the most of your EST(s)    

EST Procurement

Make the right decisions with our procurement support 

Energy Management Plans

Turning data into energy saving action

Supporting Due Diligence

Providing assessment and reporting for due diligence

Finance and Funding

Helping you find the finance and funding to support your EST investment

Business Case Development

Making a case for the EST that’s right for your business

Market Insight

Providing GHG, legislation, EST and market insight

Why work with us

Our independence

At VTAS we’re not aligned to any technology, supplier, owner, operator or financial institution.

We work with EST companies to check the accuracy of their performance claims, and ensure the voice of the customer continues to drive EST R&D programmes.

Our expertise

Our expertise in naval architecture, data modelling and commercial operations will help improve your bottom line.

We are providing fleet performance management and consultancy services to demonstrate the real benefits of ESTs for ship owners, operators, cargo owners, investors and their customers.

Our experience

Our experience is built on a strong pioneering maritime and engineering heritage.

Formed in 1985 from the merger of the UK’s British Ship Research Association and National Maritime Institute, BMT’s pioneering experience includes designing the world’s most advanced aircraft carrier and creating new measuring and monitoring systems for the offshore oil and gas industry.

Binnies is an environmental and water consultancy, asset management and delivery service provider. We develop business cases for long term infrastructure to enhancing the environmental credentials and deliver sustainable assets.

VTAS have prepared an Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) requirements questionnaire to enable the team to better understand and support your EEXI needs.

The questionnaire is available here

Our team

John Buckingham

Technical Specialist

John has over 20 years’ experience of modelling the application of ESTs to a range of ship types to achieve GHG reductions.

Roger Bartlett

Business Lead

Roger is a Chartered Engineer (CEng) and a Member of the Institute of Marine Engineering Science and Technology (MIMarEST). 

Jake Rigby

Research and Development Lead

Jake is a Chartered Engineer (CEng) and a Member of the Royal Institution Of Naval Architects (RINA). He is a honorary professor at the University of Exeter and leads a number of Clean Maritime research groups within industry.

Claire Cohen

Finance Consultant

Claire has a PhD in Fluid Mechanics and 14 years’ extensive experience performing economic assessments of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

Nick Merrick

Business Lead

Nick has multi-sector experience in the UK and overseas on energy saving and the commercial delivery of projects.

Charles Yates

Finance Consultant

A former head of Grant Thornton’s renewables team and member of Principal Finance Group, Charles has developed a number of innovative commercial energy efficiency projects to cut emissions.