make your supply chain greener

Around 90% of the world’s traded goods transported by sea. Play your part in reducing the environmental impact of maritime shipping

At VTAS we understand the consumer and political expectations that are driving environmentally sustainable production and distribution of goods and services by producers, processors and retailers. For ‘high street’ brands, the failure to meet these expectations carries significant reputational risk.    

So, what value is maritime transport adding to your supply chain? What energy efficiency ratings do the vessels transporting your goods have? How does this compare to the energy efficiency design standards and control systems of your bricks and mortar buildings, stores and products? Would you use vessels rated F- and G- by RightShip?

We know that the problem of split incentives means you, rather than the ship owner, are paying about 70% of the fuel costs – which means there appears to be little incentive for owners to implement efficiency measures. But what would the penalty be if cargo was transported by F- and G- rated vessels – if those vessels were considered to be sub-standard by insurers?

Climate change affects us all and time is running out to achieve the IMO’s GHG emissions targets. We can help you save fuel, save the planet, and enhance your environmental reputation. Take a look at our services and contact us.

choose the right services for you:

EST Feasibility

Using your data to assess EST feasibility

EST Performance Comparsion

Helping you choose the EST that’s right for you

EST Benchmarking

Collecting real-time data to understand current fuel consumption

EST Operation Optimisation

Advice and training to maximise fuel savings

Energy Management Plans

Everything you need to maximise fuel savings

Supporting Due Dilligence

Assessment and reporting

Market Insight

Providing GHG, regulation and EST information

Finance and Funding

Helping you find leasing and contract arrangements

Business Case Development

Making the case for EST(s) for your business