We’re working with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of ESTs to ensure that the voice of the customer continues to drive EST innovation to tackle the greatest threat to our planet

From flettner rotors to sails and propulsion systems, we know how passionate developers are about tackling climate change through innovative, novel and alternative Energy Saving Technologies (ESTs).

That’s why our services are designed to help ship owners and operators, and cargo owners, make the EST investment decisions that are right for them. That’s where you come in.

How can we work together to help the market see the benefits of investing in ESTs? How do we overcome perceptions that claims made by EST developers aren’t achievable or that some novel ESTs are just too wacky?

Working together we can demonstrate the real contribution of ESTs to the climate change emergency. Take a look at how we could work together and contact us. We are open to the posibiliites collaboration offers.

Reasons to cOLLABORATE WITH us

EST Operation Optimisation

Helping customers make the most of your EST

Finance and Funding

Helping secure the R&D funding you need

Business Case Development

Helping your customers make the case for your EST

EST Procurement

EST procurement made easy

Market Insight

Helping customers keep up to date with R&D