THE Bigger THE vessel, THE greater fuel consumption AND POTENTIaL SAVING

Our research shows that containers, bulkers and oil tankers account for 88% of vessels over 25,000 DWT and for 22%, 18% and 13% of total global CO2 emissions respectively

Shipping is our business. We understand that ship owners and operators need to continually adapt to respond to the economic, regulatory and environmental challenges affecting global shipping.

The International Maritime Organisation (IMO)’s challenging targets for the reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from shipping has resulted in complex environmental regulatory and compliance frameworks – including dates by which emissions must be significantly reduced. But how do you comply with the ever changing environmental requirements and political debate about climate change?

Various Energy Saving Technologies (ESTs) claim to help you save fuel and save the planet by reducing GHG emissions from vessels. But which ones work and which ones are right for you and your operations?

At VTAS, we’ll help you answer these questions. Our team have the maritime and engineering experience  – working at sea and for major owners, operators, shipyards and oil and gas companies – to find the EST solution that’s right for you.

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choose the service that’s right for you

EST Feasibility

Using your data to assess EST feasibility

EST Performance Comparison

Helping you choose the EST that’s right for you

EST Benchmarking

Collecting real-time data to understand current fuel consumption

Design and Installation Support

Our one stop shop for delivering your EST solution

EST Operation Optimisation

Advice and training to maximise fuel savings

EST Procurement

Helping you make the right purchasing decisions

Energy Management Plans

Everything you need to maximise fuel savings

Supporting Due Diligence

Helping you comply with curent requirements

Finance and Funding

Helping you find the finance you need

Business Case Development

Making the case for EST(s) for your business

Market Insight

Providing GHG, regulation and EST information